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The Folk Gathering Sept 14 - 16 2018

After 2014
Wow! It was our first Manifold gathering. 
What a lovely group of people and atmosphere. 
The Sunday afternoon was simply amazing, 
the content, the organisation, the photos - 
just the whole thing, very moved. Mary & Paul
Just wanted to say that I thought the  Gathering was a triumph...
and from where I was standing, it all went seamlessly.
Great atmosphere, some amazing music and some lovely people
Rick Ford.
A truly amazing weekend at 
the Manifold Folk Gathering
Barbara and Andy Hindley,
Just a line to say again 'Thank you- The Best just got better!'
(Even the beer just about made it to the end!) Pete and Paul
were brilliant and PM meets the Birdscarers was very funny,
with Val not knowing what to expect next! The Peace concert
was so moving, a lot of people deserve a round of applause
but none more than you who without it wouldn't happen!
Rod & Chris Stacey
‘the most wonderful weekend of top quality music and song’ - Steve G